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About Us Green Initiatives


Reducing our footprint

Keeping our planet safe for generations to come is a priority at Polaris. We’ve implemented a number of environmental initiatives to accomplish this:

  • Anti-idling policy
  • Side skirt trailer fairings
  • Late model, fuel-efficient tractors
  • Optimized route planning
  • Driver training relative to fuel saving techniques

Every little bit helps

There is no single green initiative that will sustain our future. It is a combination of initiatives and change management that is the responsibility of each individual on the planet. As a trucking operation, it is mostly about the amount of fuel we burn and how clean the exhaust is that enters the atmosphere.

Far above any other measure, the speed we drive affects fuel consumption and thus our emissions, more than any other factor. This is followed by driver training, more fuel efficient engines, various fairings and side skirts, tire pressure and the proper maintenance of vehicles. At our facilities, energy efficient lighting, recycling programs and electronic invoicing are highlights that all add up to reducing our carbon footprint.

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