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Polaris Transportation online credit application

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Online credit application

Applicant Information

Format: 123-456-7890

Billing Address (if different from above)

Visa   Mastercard   Cheque   Direct deposit

Company Information

Incorporated   Proprietorship   Partnership
Head office   A branch  

Banking information

Format: 123-456-7890

Credit references
(Minimum TWO other transportation companies that you are currently doing business with)

Reference (1)

Format: 123-456-7890

Reference (2)

Format: 123-456-7890

Reference (3)

Format: 123-456-7890

Terms & conditions

*  The applicant understands and is authorized to agree to the Terms and Conditions of this application, specifically:
  • Terms of Sale – Net Thirty (30) days
  • The applicant is responsible for freight charges where the designated party – Prepaid or Collect – does not pay the account.
  • Polaris Transportation Group is authorized to do all credit checks/verifications at any time or times.
  • The information provided in this application is true and current and will be used in providing credit.
  • If there is any dispute the laws of the Province of Ontario will apply.
  • If the account is delinquent the applicant will be responsible for all reasonable legal or collection charges.
  • No oral agreements will override this credit application/agreement.
  • Privacy Policy. Please contact our Legal Department for a copy of our Privacy Policy.
  • 2% per month finance charge on past due amount.
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