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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Armand Braun

“You need to love what you do,” says Armand Braun. “And I do.”

After a cumulative 22 years in the transportation industry, Armand has worn many hats. From driving for Coach Canada to doing long haul deliveries, to say he’s had a broad spectrum of experience is an understatement. There are certain aspects of each job that he’ll carry with him, but Armand says nothing quite fit until he joined the team at Polaris.

According to Armand, the people are what make the experience of being a trucker. “A big thing at this company is the family feel,” he says. “We do things together; we have a Blue Jay’s Day. It’s important to know the people you work with; it makes the experience that much more rewarding.”

Although he loves his job, driving wasn’t Armand’s first career. Before he got his start in the transportation industry, he worked in carpentry as a lead hand in a machine shop. “I was a cabinet maker. I started when I was 18 and worked for a large furniture manufacturer.” Sadly, with the growing outsource of furniture building to other countries, they closed their doors in 1988. After the loss of his first wife, Armand decided that it was time to take life in a different direction and took a job driving. “I needed to get my head together,” says Armand. “And driving seemed like a good way to do it.”

He hasn’t regretted his decision. Trucking led him to some amazing experiences, a great career and his position at Polaris. “You can do a lot of soul searching out there,” he says. “When you’re in the truck, it’s you, yourself and you. You never know what the road is going to throw at you.”

More than twenty years later, Armand still loves the balance of interacting with interesting people and having valuable time to himself that goes hand in hand with being on the road. “We’re so inundated by media all the time. The solitude of being on the road is something I really enjoy.”

In his spare time, Armand travels with his wife and develops his hobby: photography. He takes his camera on the road with him and makes time to capture the beautiful things that he sees.

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful sunset

Bright fall colours

Bright fall colours

“Some of the most fantastic things I’ve ever seen have been in nature. Seeing a really great sunset or a rainbow at night…you really need to be out there to experience it. I believe if you have the opportunity to do something, you should do it. The minute you start to feel like everything’s the same – you need to make a change.”