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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Tim Erich

Tim Erich has spent his whole life in transportation. “No two days are the same,” Tim explains. “That’s what I really enjoy. My favourite part of the job is dealing with all different kinds of people, both internally and with our customers, on a daily basis.”

Tim Erich started his career behind the wheel in 1976. Over the years, he worked his way through the ranks and joined Polaris as General Manager in 2006. Tim works out of Willoughby, Ohio, which is a small town of just over 22,000 right on the coast of Lake Erie and manages a staff of 16 people. Since he knows the industry inside and out, moving into the operations side of the business was a natural next step. “It was an easy transition for me,” says Tim. “Working in Ohio is really ideal – I know every nook and cranny of this state.”

As GM, Tim’s responsibilities range from allocating resources, to overseeing every aspect of the operation to ensure everything runs smoothly. After years as a driver, Tim admits that sometimes he still misses the open road. Over the course of his years delivering freight, he met some great people and had some really fantastic experiences. “I’d have to say my favourite place to travel is Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a beautiful city – the history, the culture, the people. You really make a lot of friends being on the road. And you keep them. ”


Even though Tim’s key role lies in managing Polaris’ Ohio office now, he still hops in a truck once and awhile when the opportunity arises. “In this business, you do what you need to in order to serve the customers and get the job done,” says Tim.

When Tim isn’t at work, he enjoys traveling. “Arizona is beautiful this time of year,” he notes. He also loves spending time with his 2-year old grandson. “He loves to come to the terminal here and see the big trucks and the trains. I think it reminds him of his favourite show – Thomas the Tank Engine.” A member of the Polaris team in the making, perhaps?