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Keeping it in the family

Tom Przybyla started his career in transportation as a direct result of his father and Dave Cox. Tom explains “My Dad drove for Polaris and one day Dave, pleased with my Dad’s performance asked if he had any sons. The next day I interviewed and started what is now a 15 year career with the big yellow star.

Both Tom and his Dad (Dariusz), who is still driving, enjoy working with Polaris. Tom says “The people here are great and it’s a terrific pleasure to work here”. Tom heads up the Customs Department at Polaris…a critical component for a Cross Border carrier. He has 15 people who report to him now and his primary role is solving the problems others can’t. Tom adds, “My team is great. I tend to deal with the exceptions that fall outside the norm of our everyday operations. I’m the ‘big’ problem solver and I enjoy the challenge.”

Tom is single and lives in Woodbridge, Ontario. He is crazy about soccer, mostly watching, but occasionally playing a casual pick-up game with his buddies. He is an avid movie buff and would like to carve out time to volunteer with underprivileged kids again, sometime in the near future.

Tom was half way through a degree in History at York University when he joined Polaris. Tom says, “I was thinking of being a teacher back then. Today, I like to consider myself a self-taught Professor of Customs Procedures. When the opportunity came to join Polaris and work with my Dad, I jumped at it and have never looked back.”