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Our people move freight. These are their stories: David (Charlie) Oldham

Two names are better than one for this Polaris driver! Charlie Oldham

David (Charlie) Oldham has spent his life behind the wheel and the last 16 years with Polaris. He met David Cox in the mid-nineties when they both worked at another carrier. When David Cox went to work with his father at Polaris, David Oldham followed.

The company was smaller then and David Oldham came off the road for a few years to work in the office at Polaris to care for his young daughter, Jacqueline. He explains,” I was managing an account in Stoney Creek that gave us a lot of work de stuffing sea containers. Dave Cox was also heavily involved with the account. The client, a gal named Melanie, suggested one of us had to change our name. I took her advice and the name Charlie she suggested. The name stuck and I’ve been known as Charlie ever since.”

After his daughter was on her way, the renamed Charlie returned to his first love as a long haul driver doing a weekly Polaris run to Atlanta. Over his 37 year driving career he has been all over North America and even did a stint as a local driver in the Toronto and surrounding areas.

A couple of years ago Charlie decided his days on the road were complete but he didn’t want to stop working. “Dave and Larry Cox have been great to me. They gave me a job inside when my daughter was young and gave me a job in their yard security when my driving days were done. The best move I ever made was following Dave Cox here in ’98. Polaris has always been a great place for me and I’m proud to be one of the many long term employees here.