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First Annual “Polaris Family Day” a Big Success

By Rebecca Muyano, Human Resources Manager

At Polaris, we need to keep customers’ freight moving…. holidays included! That doesn’t mean we can’t take a little break to have our own Polaris, Family Day celebration. Impromptu as it was, it was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. We had a potluck spread that was absolutely delicious.

Both office and dock staff participated as we sampled homemade dishes from a variety of cultures here at Polaris. The main dishes ranged from jerk chicken to vegetable lasagna. The deserts from carrot cake to cinnamon buns. Others brought plates and napkins… it was a great event and all participants agreed it was very well received and definitely worth doing again next Family Day!

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Our dock staff[2][2]

Employee diversity shapes our world and expands our perspective

By Rebecca Muyano, Polaris Transportation Human Resources Manager

photoPolaris Transportation, like our city, is comprised of many cultures; Canadian, European, Spanish, French, Indian and Filipino…to name a few. Because the Polaris team is receptive to new ideas and traditions, we celebrate many different holidays and share in the foods specific to the diverse groups within our organization.

Polaris has over 300 employees, so every culture tends to be well represented. The celebrations are not organized in a formal fashion and tend to be initiated by our employees. Our team members do gather and share their traditions throughout the year.

One such celebration is Diwali, which stands for the Festival of Lights and is observed every autumn by members of our team from East Indian and Sikh backgrounds. It is an ancient tradition and signifies the victory of light over darkness. Samosa, sweets and sometimes roti and curry are brought in and shared with our staff.Picture 061[2][2]

We have a Filipino group who tend to celebrate with rice cakes, pansit and egg rolls, while others go for pizza or good old fashioned donuts and coffee. President of Polaris Transportation, Larry Cox states, “In the early years we gave back to the community by doing fundraisers for Sick Kids Hospital and CHUM Christmas Wish. We continue to support these charities. Now, with our diverse culture, we are proud to honour and support their traditions too. At Polaris, every position is important and every person plays a key role in our journey for excellence.”