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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Parminder Tut

Polaris city driver, Parminder Tut, has been a professional driver since 1990. He joined the LTL division of Ontario Ohio Express in 1993 which was then purchased by Polaris, in 2005. Parminder has been driving under the Polaris flag ever since.

employee-spotlight-parminder-iutParminder lives in Caledon East with his wife, 4 children and parents. His youngest child is 10 years old and his eldest is now in university. The 3 girls and 1 boy are all active in field hockey and Parminder loves coaching the sport from beginners to advanced level players. Parminder’s wife, Sukhraj keeps very busy running the house, caring for their children and Parminder’s parents.

Everyone has their challenges and Parminder is no exception. He is still recovering from a 13 hour operation to remove cancer from his abdomen in 2013. He is back to work on light duty and has this to say about working at Polaris,” Dave and Larry Cox treat me like family and have provided me a wonderful place to work these past 11 years. After my operation in 2013 they gave me a desk job in dispatch for 6 months and now have me on light duty with no heavy lifting involved. They were there when I needed them most and I am very thankful to be with Polaris.”

Polaris President, Larry Cox, comments, “Parminder is a valued member of our team and I would like to ask everyone to join me in wishing him well with his personal fight with cancer. Be well Parminder, from all of us! ”