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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Remelyn Bonifacio

RemelynNewRemelyn came to us in the fall of 2007, so next year will mark a decade serving our customers. She started as an order entry clerk, worked her way up to supervisor and recently transitioned into our Customer Care department.

Like many Polaris employees, Remelyn has interests she explores after her work day is done. In her case, she enlists her husband and children to create memorable birthdays and celebrations with their custom decorations. Balloons, balloons and more balloons make up the spirited backdrop to family celebrations of all kinds. Remelyn adds, “I love working with Polaris. It’s such a great group and the Cox family has treated me very well over the years. My little side business is great fun too, my whole family plays a part and it keeps us closer as a result. Seeing our designs come to life and the kind words we get back from customers is very rewarding. Childrens’ parties are our specialty and my kids have lots of input on what goes on…they’re the experts in this case”.