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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Paulina Kubicka

It’s not a stretch for Paulina to perform…

Paulina is a relatively new addition to our team and is just coming up to her one year anniversary with Polaris. Her duties include order entry and rate review. She is an energetic lady, great with detail and has a passion for yoga… thus the reference to stretch!

According to Paulina,“I love my job at Polaris, it is a fantastic place to work and everyone here is on the same page about offering “best in class” service to our customers. Between the order entry and rate review I get to change up my day and I really like that.”

As a yoga enthusiast, Paulina is very active with a local studio just minutes from the Polaris head office in Mississauga. This summer will mark 3 years as a volunteer at the local yoga studio and her future plans include becoming a certified Yoga instructor. For those of you in the know, her favourite yoga position is called “Child Pose”. It as an advanced pose but is extremely relaxing and meditative. She is hoping to convert other members of the Polaris team to the benefits of yoga. Larry? Dave? What do you think?