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Our people move freight. These are their stories: Joy Ravelo

Polaris Transportation Group is a stepping stone for many young people on their chosen career path… we’re happy to have their talents and help them develop usable skills they can apply to their chosen field. It’s a good trade. Joy-spotlight is one such story!

When Joy was about to head into her senior year of high school, she heard about a summer job opportunity at Polaris. Her mother, Pablita Ravelo, was employed with Polaris at the time. Joy got the job as a part-time member of Polaris in the PARS and PAPS department.  Joy transitioned from summer student into a part-time employee as a customs clerk. She collected shipping documents, sent them to the Customs broker ensuring goods were cleared at the border without delay and communicated clearance status’ with drivers. Joy quickly learned the ropes and developed great organization, communication and time management skills.

Years followed, Joy continued her education and left Polaris due to time conflicts when she began clinicals in nursing school. Joy’s path in healthcare was chosen, her schooling finished and her time with Polaris complete.

Packing up her life here and heading west, Joy is in her element helping people recover from illness and return to their “norm” while encouraging and supporting them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Earlier this year, Joy accepted a full-time position as a registered nurse in Northern Saskatchewan.

What Joy learned through her time with Polaris and her schooling was “Continue to do your best. Follow your passion, work hard and you will be able to achieve it.”