Challenge accepted! Getting our industry in shape


The management of Polaris Transportation is excited about participating in the industry wide Healthy Fleet Challenge. It runs for 2 months starting May 1, 2017. The challenge is powered by Healthy Trucker, a corporate health and wellness program designed for the trucking industry. A nutritionist and certified health coach are available through a mobile APP to get staff on the right road to a healthier lifestyle with ongoing education, support and motivation. We are 100% behind the Healthy Fleet Challenge and encourage all Polaris staff to be part of it!

The results of the last Healthy Fleet Challenge saw over 90% of participants eating better, exercising more and being happy they participated. Over 70% reported feeling better and sleeping better as well.

Each member of our team is encouraged to participate from accounting to dispatch, from dock worker to driver…owner operators too! We can all benefit from living a healthier lifestyle.

The challenge also offers up incentives, Member Rewards and prizes to further encourage participants to give it their all.

As a ramp up to the challenge, Polaris management has led head office staff in 15- minute healthy break walks. Recent potluck lunches have also been based on healthier eating choices.

Our President, Larry Cox, is one of the biggest supporters of the Healthy Fleet Challenge and has appointed champions within the company to lead the charge. Charlene Davidson, Director of Training and Development and Kevin Wartman, Director of Risk Management are heading up the challenge at Polaris.

Making healthier lifestyle choices today is a step in the right direction for healthier lifestyle choices tomorrow. There is a friendly competition between fleets involved and Polaris definitely wants to make a good showing in overall results. Go Team Polaris!

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