Our people move freight. These are their stories: Shaun Noble

shaun-nobleWithout a doubt it’s Polaris who scored when Shaun Noble joined the Polaris family.

Shaun has been a part of the Polaris family for the past 7 years. When beginning his career with us, Shaun brought over 5 years of experience as a load planner, lead hand dockworker and shunter with him. Starting as a full-time dockworker, Shaun quickly became a lead hand and a part-time shunter within 2 years. He has worked in all aspects of the warehouse during our 24 hour a day operation. He has gained a great deal of knowledge of the inner workings of Polaris freight flow during this time. Most recently Shaun received a promotion to AM/DAY shift supervisor.

We asked him what he thought the best part about working with Polaris was. Shaun’s response, “I really like the fact that Polaris treats all their employees well and with respect.”  David Dickson, Director of Operations, states “People skills are a real strength of Shaun, he is well respected by both internal and external peers alike. His wide range of skills will allow us to continue the evolution of the warehouse operation.” A goal of Shaun’s is to move up within the Polaris ranks, through positions that offer new challenges and experiences.

Shaun has a passion for hockey and his family. After work, if he’s not spending his time at home in Streetsville with his wife and two daughters (aged 10 and 7), you’ll find him at the hockey rink. Shaun has been coaching his daughter’s teams for the past 6 years. He’s currently the head coach of his younger daughter’s house league novice team and an assistant coach for his older daughter’s Atom BB rep team. 

 The last of our interview questions asked Shaun if there was anyone special he wanted to mention. His answer, “I would like to thank my wife. She has been very patient over the years with any extra time I have spent at work.” Shaun is as much of a dynamic part of our Polaris family, as he is in his own family.

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