Polaris welcomes David Dickson as Toronto terminal manager

david-dicksonDavid Dickson joined our ranks just 4 short weeks ago. He brings two decades of experience in transportation operations and enjoyed a long career at Purolator after attending Laurier University.

David came to Polaris through an HR firm that specializes in the transportation industry. He reports directly to Dave Cox and is responsible for the Toronto terminal operations. Mr. Cox states, “David assesses and executes quickly. He has made some significant improvements already and has been well received by our team. He has accumulated great operational expertise and has very good people skills to boot. His combination of skills, experience and get it done attitude makes him a great addition to Polaris.”

David resides with his girlfriend in the Village of St. Jacobs, just north of Waterloo. The quaint area is a bit of a tourist spot, steeped in history and set in a charming location along the Conestoga River. With a population just under 2,000 people, David enjoys the contrast from the big city hustle. David explains, “Most of my career has been in the Southwestern Ontario region. We love the lifestyle here.”

When David isn’t keeping freight on the go or doing the 1 hour plus commute to and from work, you will find him standing sideways. That is to say, he is an avid wake and snow boarder and enjoys the thrill of these high action activities. Welcome aboard David!

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